Shareloc – a platform to build intelligent spaces!

Shareloc Platform enables a user to make flexible solutions to interact with physical working space by means of intellectualizing the surrounding things.

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Key features of the Platform
  • Module structure. Enables to connect to a required thing only;
  • Connection to various devices. Simple integration to an existing infrastructure;
  • Flexible scaling due to SaaS model advantages;
  • Powerful search through the base of connected devises and data being processed;
  • Open API. Own solutions developing based on the Platform;
  • Mobile application. Possible design and functionality customizing for a customer;
  • Cloud data processing;
  • User interface in Kazakh and Russian.
Functional capabilities
  • Quick and convenient binding of intellectual devices (sensors, RFID tags, scanners or system components of smart office) to the objects of physical surrounding;
  • Prompt message delivery from connected devices to a stakeholder’s working place (including mobile) when a certain event takes place;
  • Automation of life cycle business processes in respect of goods, material and intangible values (Purchase planning – Purchase – Use – Monitoring – Analyses – Purchase planning);
  • Monitoring of location or moving people and property in real time;
  • Visual analytics;
  • Convenient indoor navigation;
  • Generation of reports with different level of detail;
  • Quick and qualitative inventory of goods and material values;
  • Integration with information systems of an enterprise.
Contents of modules
Basic configuration of the platform contains the following modules:

  • Enterprise assets life cycle control module;
  • Personnel tracking module;
  • Indoor maps and local navigation module;
  • Room access control module;
  • Energy Efficiency module;
  • Personnel health monitoring module;
  • Multimedia control module;
  • Environment monitoring module;
  • Mobile applications.

A solution for enterprise assets management based on Shareloc platform

With the solution for assets management the process of inventory check is becoming easier, more convenient and available.

  • Planning of Inventory check

    Whether it is a planned or optional inventory check, the assets are sorted by fast filters and you will miss no items. Later the system will provide you a report

  • Mobile inventory check

    The mobile application will help you to find something quickly, to route, take steps on inventory check and take a photo

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Customer’s benefits

  • Quality decision making thanks to fast full visual control over the current state of the basic assets (BA) and fast notifying of interested parties about events being happening to BA.
  • Significant reduction of time for inventory check with the use of mobile automated checking of physical BA and a database, saving the inventory check history, checking of the BA condition in chronological order.
  • Ensuring the soundness of BA by using a mechanism of notifying about BS moving.
  • More quality when planning BA purchases, analyses and monitoring of the dynamics and usage scenarios of the BA use by having a real picture of BA condition.
  • Control over complete use of BA by identifying a location of one or another BA.
  • Increase in service quality by having relevant information about BA (for service industry).
  • Fast deployment of the system at the enterprise by convenient input (import, integration)of BS data, fast binding to RFID tags and beacons as well as automated indoor maps generation.
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Design of a solution according to your needs

New ServiceArt LLP - a Shareloc Platform developer – is happy to consider the design of solutions based on the platform and system integration on an individual bases according to your needs

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